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with a vandal proof chromed die-cast aluminium shell and 13 air jets blasting at 288km/h ultra fast too. Only using 550w on cool setting, costing only €1.40  in electricity for the average Irish business  As part of our innovative approach the new generation of Bremmer UV13 touch free hand dryers. They have protection against micro-organisms built into the dryer at the point of manufacture  sanitising your Hands, Wall, and Floor surfaces 24/7. It also helps to remove organic smells and contains a fragrance insert to keep your washroom not only hygieneic but smelling nice as well.



Material Aluminum Alloy 
Switchable warm or cool air 
Anion purifier 
Power supply 220V-240V 50HZ 
Induce distance:9-15cm adjustable
Motor speed: 25000 r.p.m 
Motor power 550W, 
Heater 700W 
Air speed 288 km/h 
Heat air temp.30-50? 
Dry time:8-12s 
Waterproof level: IPX1 
Noise: 76db 
Size: 270*210*182mm,
Weight: 4.1kgs 
Chrome finish

Technical specifications

Product Code HD011