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Product information

the AIRstorm high-speed hand dryers are one of the most energy efficient, durable, hygienic hand dryers on the market today. The motor technology offers one of of the longest service life of any high-speed hand dryer. With easy maintenance and optimised for even greater energy saving


Bremmer AIRstorm Features and Benefits

  • 12 air nozzles dry your hands simultaneously
  • The high-speed motor saves energy using only 550 watts of power.
  • The shorter drying time combined with lower power consumption saves money and massively reduces your carbon footprint.
  • 10 second drying time, 3 times the speed of traditional hand dryers.A conventional hand dryer uses about 2400W and takes 30-40 seconds to dry hands.
  • The Bremmer AIRstorm is also exceptionally quiet when compared with other leading brands in its class.
  • The heater on/off switches give you greater control over the unit allowing you to save energy.
  • Throw out those paper towels. 98% cheaper than paper towels, NO disposal problems , NO blocked drains, NO landfill
  • Tough stainless steel  cover
  • Chromed metal spout
  • On/off heating controls optimize energy efficiency and user comfort
  • Durable and vandal resistant
  • Sensor Distance:50-200mm

Fitting, servicing and maintenance of the Bremmer are all extremely easy it can be cleaned with a soft towel and warm water, with a little detergent if required. The units air filter needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Additional Information

Noise Output 68dB @ 1 Metre
Operating Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Warm Air Speed Output 30m/s
Air Output Temperature 30-50°C
Motor Type 550W Brushed
Motor Thermal Protection Cut off after 50 seconds
Heater Element 650W
Heater Thermal Protection Cut off after 50 seconds
Drying Time 8-10 seconds
Circuit Operation Infrared Automatic, self adjusting
Timing Protection Cut off after 50 seconds
Splash Resistance IPX1
Isolation CLASS 1
Nett Weight 5Kg
Unit Size W300*D235H*200MM

Technical specifications

Product Code HD09