Environmental Policies

It is our policy to promote a positive and caring contribution to the environment and to be committed to protecting the environment at all levels of our business activities.

This is best achieved by making it our responsibility to undertake environmental improvements by monitoring and complying with all relevant environmental legislation and be guided by their principles.

  1. Ensuring that each company gives full support to group policy by providing support and training to its employees to ensure they understand and contribute to ongoing improvements. Training is to be documented and ongoing.
  2. Identifying environmental aspects and impacts, then setting environmental targets and objectives, and constantly improving our management programme to ensure these objectives are met.
  3. Monitoring the effects and issues arising from our company environmental objectives in a measurable way and including our existing manufacturing arrangements, assessing the significance of such arrangements.
  4. Ensuring that our suppliers are committed to environmental improvements and where necessary comparing alternative supplies in respect of their environmental performance.
  5. Recycling packaging materials (wherever possible) or providing a returnable system to our customers, and reusing the raw materials where recycled (wherever possible).
  6. Ensuring our fleet of vehicles is of an age that complies with company policy and is run on low sulphur fuel, and is regularly tested for economy and emissions.
  7. Ensuring that member companies do everything possible to minimize the risk of environmental incidents and have a systematic procedure to cope with accidental spillages and accidents etc.
  8. Ensuring that our chemicals are where possible fully bio-degradable and under COSHH show full ecological information on bio-degradability, toxicity, effect on effluent treatment, distribution and mobility.
  9. Ensuring that we only use appliances which incorporate high standards of energy efficiency within the constraint of the product specifications.

The company directors will ensure that environmental policies are adhered to and if necessary make the amendments needed to ensure that our environmental standards are of the highest quality.